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    As we all know situation in India is getting worse every minute. So if you are 45+ get vaccinated as soon as possible and if you are 18+ wait till May 1st and get vaccinated. For the Nth time stay home stay safe !
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    Intro 0:00
    Medicine Crisis 2:11
    Covid impact on Youngsters 4:05
    Oxygen Crisis 5:52
    What should we do 7:20
    Israel Vaccine Story 8:30
    How Vaccine Works 9:16
    India Vaccine Story 10:18
    Rumors about Vaccine 11:26
    Vaccines 15:10
    Conclusion 17:26
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    1. Suriya Narayanan

      Finally, someone is talking about this. Regarding actor Vivek's death, vaccination could have intensified the clotting of blood. I came across an article which calls this condition as thrombosis and consuming large amounts of water could dilate the blood to some extent. Tamil nadu's weather is at peak hot so, dehydration from body is also significantly high. Actor Vivek's cause of death is due to cardiac arrest, 95% of which could not happen overnight. There are instances where a hypertension patient seems super-alright but 90% of his arteries are already blocked. Even with Vivek not having taken vaccination, he would have suffered a cardiac arrest in 2 or 3 weeks, possibly. But unfortunately, one way lead to the other though they are totally independent events. Now the prevailing question is one of the lot other anti vaccination conspiracy theories, that are spreading faster than Covid. People refuse to take vaccines because of these. Remember, vaccines are unpacked from incubations, not in single units, but in batches. Expecting a good number of vaccinating clients, each batch is uncovered. But people turn up in few numbers and the uncovered units get wasted. Result: 6.5% of vaccines have gone wasted so far across the country. Now, we are short of vaccines. My grandad, a 75 yr old, hypertension patient who has undergone bypass surgery and my grandma a 72 yr old, a diabetic with only one functional kidney got vaccinated with first dose 3 weeks ago. They were developing all Covid symptoms after coming in contact with their tenants who have been tested covid positive, the past week. My doc uncle, prescribed them tablets and asked them to home-quarantine and they are alright now. It was also him who constantly insisted them to get vaccinated, though they were extremely hesitant initially. I am very sure without vaccination, they would have gone to serious state. So vaccines are safe, even for people with severe medical conditions, if taken with proper consultation. EBM is not a joke. We need to respect those 747 indian doctors who lost their lives not only fighting this disease, but also the stupidity of people who do pseudoscientific claims against vaccines. Kudos to Abhistu for taking this topic. Hail Science!! Hail EBM!!

      1. Oliva Jenner

        Thank you explaining it the right way and taking time to explain abt vivek's case

      2. Gokhul K

        Even madan gowri Mr gk and lmes said about this We should appreciate them for the effort they took to educate us

      3. Pavithra G

        Well said bro

    2. DINESH C

      Theriyama vanthutanga pola😀

    3. Parvathavarthini Madhavan

      Bro achuma's bathroom paththi video podunga bro

    4. SanthoshKumar P

      Bro, Precise a sollunga. Ennoda parents ku already bp, sugar iruku. Ipdi oru ennanne test pannaadha oru marundhe, epdi podradhu? Apdiye idhule vaccine edukuradhuku munnaadi indha test ella eduthu ok nu aanapramdha vaccinne podanuknu oru procedure vandha kuda, namma ooru makkalukku adhu set aagaadhu bro. Nenachu paar7nga maasam 15000 sambalam vaanguravan avanoda parents e kootteetu government hospital ku indha vaccinne poda ponaana andha sonna procedures ella pannidha vaccinne poduvaangannu nenaikureengala? Ungalaale exact a indha kuraipaadu irukura aalunga vaccinne podakoodaadhunu solla mudeelelle, apro ye oosi pottukongannu solreenge? BP irukuravan oosi pottukittu seththuttaan. Valippu noi irundhavanga oosi pottukittu seththuttaan. Varravanukella thooki kuththi vidadha government ku sollirukaangala?

    5. Giridaran Suresh

      whatsapp family grp ellam ban pannanum pa

    6. Kiruba Murugaraj

      Thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️

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    8. ASH YT

      sorry bro enna dhan doctors side effects percentage romba kammi nu sonnalum namma andha percentage kulla vandha enna pannuradhu because all vaccines are developed in the pandemic situation and all of them skipped the third trial thats why its showing side effects .

      1. srinidhi Narayanan

        @Santhosh Kumar yeahh , i had said from my fam's side effects Definitely agree with you , everyone shd get vaccinated ASAP !

      2. Santhosh Kumar

        @srinidhi Narayanan idhum matum dha side effects ha na therla..but greater no of ppl ku idhu only hope is getting vaccinated..coz it shows helps to fight corona..

      3. srinidhi Narayanan

        @Santhosh Kumar yeah exactly my point We dont have any other proven side effects other than a lil cold and fever Vaccination is the key to fight corona !

      4. Santhosh Kumar

        @ASH YT adhala ippo pakka mudiyadhu bro..we can hope that things get better avlodha..

      5. ASH YT

        @Santhosh Kumar correct dhan but india is in corporate hands bro we dont know what will happens next

    9. Udaya

      Don't compare israel with india Total population in israel : Below 1crore Total population in india : Around 138 crores Total vaccinated in israel : Around 55% Total vaccinated in india : more than 14 crores people India needs more time to reach more than 50% of people to get vaccinated

      1. Udaya

        @Christina yogamalar okiee mam.. Diabetes patients vaccination போடுறதுனால எதாவது problem or side effects வருமா mam

      2. Christina yogamalar

        Agreed, but we're talking about the mindset of the people and how they acheived it with unity and co-operation.

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    13. Sathish Shankar

      Bro ivalo panringa la? Ipo namba govt regulation kondu vanthutanga 18+ age irukavanga lam vaccine potukalam nu so nenga potutu pesalame?

    14. Edogawa Conan

      I will surely get myself vaccinated on 1st May


      one good initiative and a good clear video !!! @abhishtu always rocks!. people please have a proper awareness and we are in this together. lets make our state a better place to live. stay home and hence stay safe. lets get vaccinated.

    16. Srinidhi PB

      Anna , ithana naal na vaccine podaveh kudadhu nenche..just indha video pathu mind change paniten...thanks na❤️🙏

      1. Sathish Shankar

        Married ppl matum podunga my kind request🙏🙏

    17. varun prakash

      Finally Someone speak about Vaccine and their pros and cons Awarness for Vaccination 💉 To Precautions of Covid 19 and speaking about Death issue Of Vivek sir Vaccination 💉 Rumours spread Quickly & India Destory by Politicians & Politics please be Awareness of Public Wear mask 😷 Maintain social distance and sanitizer your hands when you go out for 👍👍👍 Vignesh Social Responsibly to care of public awareness of Vaccination 💉

    18. Pavithra G

      Gud job anna

    19. Sanjay. K

      Naala oru awareness video ....

    20. Raghu

      You did a great job... appreciated ❤️

    21. kirubhakar .k

      U cant compare isreal (90 lakhs)with india...and here almost all people even educated are not ready to vaccinate themselves and also spreading conspiracies....

    22. Silambarasi Nagasamy

      I'm a doctor and I'm tired of explaining why people should get vaccinated. I hope that this video will motivate more people to get vaccinated. As for those of you who don't want to get vaccinated because you saw a WhatsApp forward message or because someone you know had side effects: 1. Almost everyone has been vaccinated at least once in their lifetime ( ex for tetanus or rabies). Yes, the thing they inject you with for TT is a vaccine and nothing happened to you. Even newborns get vaccinated. Covid-19 vaccine is no different from that. So take it. 2. If you don't get vaccinated and end up getting infected, your WhatsApp group won't supply you with oxygen. People will say what they want to and we hear what we want to. Atleast read about the vaccines from reliable sources like before you make the wrong choice. 3. Even for something as small as body ache or headache, people will go to a medical shop and buy whatever they suggest, but never go to a doctor unless something serious happens. Because they're that confident that the drug will cure them. Everyone wants English medicines that the medical shop Anna gives, but not the vaccine that doctors are begging you to take. 4. And if you're worried something will happen to you, it's natural to be worried but foolish to not be vaccinated at a time like this. No one is asking you to get vaccinated inspite of having several health issues. If you're worried about your health conditions, consult a doctor and don't proceed without their approval. There are people who literally die to protect people like us, the common people. We can atleast do the bare minimum of getting an injection! P. S. : Before someone asks, my parents have been vaccinated and are healthy and I know people with multiple health issues who have been vaccinated and are totally fine. Please get vaccinated!

      1. Silambarasi Nagasamy

        @MrKarthik1411 It's advisable to get vaccinated even if you have tested positive for Covid-19 previously. But I can only make a suggestion based on the guidelines provided. Hope you understand that what I'm writing here is not equivalent to that of another doctor assessing you in person. Do consult a doctor before you get vaccinated.

      2. MrKarthik1411

        Me and my parents were tested positive for covid before 20days ,we are healthy and recovered fine. Do I still need to get vaccinated??

      3. Saadhana S

        @AHMED RASHID I hope atleast you and your other family members are safe and aware

      4. C V


      5. Silambarasi Nagasamy

        @AHMED RASHID There's only so much we can all do to make people believe in the existence of a virus. Don't be hard on yourself if he doesn't.

    23. Smile Always

      my 75 yrs grandfather had pit vaccine But he is not feeling well for past 2 weeks Now he is recoveeing he just had stone So no problem But it took 2 weeks to recover from that

    24. 20BM029 Sanjay Kumar.R

      Antha manasu than sir kadavul ❤️ ethana PAprom channel panirpanga intha maari socially videos❤️

    25. Karthik K.S.

      Big salute to @abhistu and doctor christina

    26. Gowri Manohari

      Great initiative !

    27. Aashik Naveen

      Enthu age people la podanum bro vaccine

    28. Dr. Akshay B

      Good job. Socially responsible abhistu💯👍🏾

    29. Akshay Aravind

      Thanks to you for making this video.

    30. Dharshini Praburangam

      Wht abt below 18

      1. Saadhana S

        Probably by July-September

    31. Hari ganesh

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    32. sam inbasekar

      Really inspiring and breaking the myths about vaccines. Great job guys...

    33. Daniel Jayanth

      Appreciate for the vid👏

    34. 18BFS042 Shreenivas m

      But ana Israel oda population Namma population oda compare panna mudiyathu😓 India's population is 150 times more than Israel so Namma konjam muditu veetula irruntha nalla irrukum periya mairu mari Vella sutha venam purinchavan veetula safe ah irrunga puriyathavan la po Sethu po population athu koraiyum😠

    35. raj dinesh

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    39. Herby Poongs

      Bro great. Really was useful , cleared many points which i had doubt on. The only thing which is confusing is wat about "side effects"? Cause i heared from many people who put that vaccine that they had severe head ache and fever for almost a week? Is it okay?

      1. Herby Poongs

        @Vishmi Naga oh thank u soo much

      2. Vishmi Naga

        Vaccines produce similar virus with less toxicity in ur body so tat ur body produce antibodies against this less toxic virus . in tat mean period.. it's common to get covid like symptoms.. unless severe,there is nothing to worry about🙌🙌

    40. Skandesh ANJ

      Enakku oru doubt.. Why no one is talking about Indian medicines??? Is vaccine the only precaution for corona

      1. Vishmi Naga

        No proper WHO approved medicines for covid.. all countries have their own medicines depending on their ppl immune system. Same goes in our country.. antivirals are not WHO approved n hence it is restricted to severe cases only..

    41. Dhivakar Ponnusamy

      Took both the doses.. i didn't got anything.. I'm alright till now.. so be aware.. get vaccinated

    42. Harikaleeshvaran

      Nice one abhistu... People pls do vaccinate... And dont fall for RAMDESIVIR trap... It is not even a first line drug in AIIMS protocol... Its use and efficacy is limited only... So pls dont fall for traps and pls pls do vaccinate..

      1. Harikaleeshvaran

        @Hari Haran Ramdesivir is an antiviral drug used in covid... It is not specific for covid.. Idhoda efficacy covid la avlo cleara illa... Some people may get gud results but some not.. If specific drug fot covid introduced then it will give gud result for everyone..

      2. Hari Haran

        Puriyala bro....isn't it a injection to treat covid ??

    43. vaani rs

      Such a good info bro!! My mom and dad have taken their vaccines...they are completely has been 3 weeks!!

    44. Sai Rsc

      Some ppl who r thinking them self as a grt political analyst for example Mansoor Ali Khan and his followers who is spreading fake news ... This video is for u guys

    45. Sridharan 936

      Semma bro ❤️🔥🔥 Antha types of bike sticker mari Types of covid rumors vedio Pottinga Naa it will create awareness & entertainment too 💝 Stay safe & healthy 😇💕

    46. Hari

      Today in maharashtra 54224 people returned home from Hospital after becoming healthy. In kerala 3880 people returned home after becoming healthy. Today 4571 people returned home healthy in Karnataka. 6250 people returned home today in tamil Nadu. Everywhere most of the public is returning home healthy and everyone is requested to send this message and not by sending the message of all the deaths and scary videos of the crematorium Today, 1,67,457 people recovered and returned home all over India. Share happiness, not fear. Peace 🕊️

      1. Prakash Prakash

        Spread positivity with the actual truth.... Or else people will be so careless💔

      2. Karthick Mahadevan

        Spread positive ok..but also need to tell the actual pragmatic

    47. Sushmitha S

      If there is a shortage of vaccine and an illegal business of the vaccine has begun in medical field, then how can we be sure that we are injected only 'the actual antibodies'?

      1. Anvi na

        In govt hospitals,there won't be any illegal business coz there r certain protocols for vaccination. They store the used vaccines for 48hrs,in case any reactions occur due to vaccines,they need to check the used vaccines. So unlikely in govt setup

    48. Aashiq Ahmed

      Thanks for sharing , the shit is real ,we people should spread positive awareness after vaccinated 🙏

    49. shalini anandan

      I've seen a number of videos related to the importance of vaccine. But this video is the best amongst all..!🔥 Iam happy that everyone can clearly understand every part of the video. Kudos to Abhistu✌️

    50. Aishwarya Raguraman

      Great effort Vignesh anna👏👏

    51. Saadhana S

      One question bro. My parents, after getting vaccinated, were pretty normal, yet my dad kept getting common cold even after 3 weeks of vaccination. Is it something that commonly happens? If it was a common occurrence, then my mother should have gotten the cold as well, yet she is perfectly normal. (Side note: Both of them are front-line workers and their covid test results were negative)

      1. Vishmi Naga

        @Saadhana S great🤗🤗

      2. Saadhana S

        @Vishmi Naga yes he takes anti-biotics.. and now he is fine..

      3. Vishmi Naga

        Is he taking any antibiotic? Common cold doesn't necessarily attack equally both.. it depends on one's own body immune system. Can be due to allergy or common cold.. if he is taking antibiotic and still didn't get cured within a week.. or any other respiratory symptom.. better check covid results again.. just common cold rarely points to covid.. so don't get afraid👍👍

    52. Ram mohan

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    53. preethi p

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    54. niranjan nisanth

      indian’s biggest burdens is the politicians and their politics....

      1. C V

        Well said

    55. keerthi kridtz

      🥺❤️ You are truly a responsible person Vignesh.. Thank you doc for explaining the reality behind the current pandemic situation. Please stay home and stay safe people. Get vaccinated as soon as possible.

    56. sakthi vignesh

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    61. Aarthi Selvaraj

      The vaccine can cause gene mutation, infertility etc., Scientists are playing with biology. 💔

      1. Saadhana S

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      5. Saadhana S

        @Aarthi Selvaraj Then show your goddamn analysis, Mrs/Ms. Selvaraj. Why be hesitant to show what you assume to be the truth?

    62. Harini

      Thank you Vignesh for being responsible and using your platform well! 🙏👍 Hope the viewers get vaccinated.

    63. mani naathiga

      Actually tbh my father vaccined for this corna and now he is in hospital it's scary !! Edit: as I said my father had a heart attack !! And it's a side effect of covid vaccine

      1. mani naathiga

        @Abi Angel thankyou so much 🙏🏿🙏🏿

      2. Abi Angel

        Your father will get fine soon. Prayers and positivities to him

      3. Abhistu

        I wish him speedy recovery

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      1. Gandhi Mathi

        @Aadhi A blink for what ?? Viki bro sonna mari above 18 ku may 1 la irundhu vaccination start agudhu. Ipo varaiku above 45 ku dhan vaccine potrukanga

      2. Abhistu

        For people below age 45...Vaccine registration will begin from April 28th and vaccination process will start from may 1st !

      3. Aadhi A blink

        @Gandhi Mathi excuse me.. Then why students are asked to?

      4. Gandhi Mathi

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