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    This documentary shows how essential is humour in everyone's life.
    Cast & Crew
    Director :
    Reghu ram : reghuram_r
    Cinematographer :
    Nataraj jn : natraj.jn.9
    Editor :
    Shradha kasturi : shradhakaay
    Actor :
    Ram Praveen : freedom_of_spirit_0110?igshid=1mgabtzu10sj3
    Production sound and sound design :
    Hari hara Sudhan : valiant.sudan

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    1. ranjith kumar

      Wow really an amazing video which puts a eye opening perspective to a healthier ,happier life and society.. ippo yaache humor oda importance purunjuche.. will definitely use in life to make each moment enjoyable

    2. Anjusha Kr

      Hats off bro! Keep doing such great works ❤


      Ennagadaaaa vickyyyy eh varlaaaa😳😳😳evlo neram wait panni poramaya pakuradhu😅

    4. Kavipriya S

      worth ..!! 💜🔥

    5. Ranjit Raghul

      nice video humor is must in everyone life and hats off to those who make others laugh

    6. V E N A N

      Nandhini fans

    7. jaya surya

      Super.....real ah sollirkinga


      Fantastic video! Actually this video gave me curve on my face.. not just because of some humor part in this's bcos this made me to realize something which is true and fact in my life... usually I try to make people laugh around me...but thy will say I'm lusu.. but that fact is... whatever it is I love to make people laugh around me..I love see thr smile on thr face becos of me.. that gives me some kinda happiness..this I do really when I was stressed.. just to come out from my stress!. Thanks guys for this video..and thanks for my people who is around me... who always laugh for my mokka comedy and helps me to come out from my stress!.

    9. Hari Sankar

      Mulusa indha vid yaarume paathruka maatanga

    10. Gita Shan

      this video is really nice Team Abhistu! i ll share it with my folks :D Yep! Life without humor ain't life at all :) thanks for making this video!

    11. Awesome Lines VasantH

      Humor iye ennn da ivlo serious ah soldringa😰😰😰

    12. Siddharth Ramkumar


    13. Vinoth Jackson

      14:20 verra level 🤣🤣🤣🤣✌️thalaiva

      1. Netaji bose Ramkumar


    14. vaishnavi

      Much needed video♥♥🔥

    15. Krithiga Mohan

      As the caption says... This s a "video without humour"... Vignesh kae would have hosted tis... Dat would hav given a smile .. worst script.... Fst tym in abishtu a bad video... Sorry

    16. 10C Lathika

      3:50 endha akka awesome machi channel la varuvanga

      1. WOSAG x HV7

        Paridhabangal la why blood same blood la varuvaanga

    17. mayilam kabilan

      dai video sound aave ila da...kadupa aiduchu

    18. B.Veeramani Sudhan

      Guys this is a wonderful video, kudos to the team for coming up with such a great idea. Hope to see more videos like this.

    19. mohd halid

      Touché 👌

    20. Ezhilarasan G S 0712

      Ungaloda bad words use pandra videos kuda oru happiness than Superb video ithula neraya facts iruku thanks for the video #Life with humour intha video la irunthu na neraya kathukitta keep doing this type of videos & ugly words videos

    21. priya priyanka

      Comedy creates healthy society valid point bro At last yu meant fr"LIFE W/O COMEDY S EMPTY"!!!!!!😊😊😊😊

    22. Roshan feltz

      Feeling soooooo good !!

    23. Roshan feltz

      Feeling soooooo good !!

    24. avani ivani

      2:15 Which song?

    25. Priya

      You are unique....

    26. kiran raj

      Nice work.

    27. Nithyashree Nithya

      Always waiting for ur videos...

    28. gayathri gayathri

      sema....😂..gud msg..😉👏👏

    29. varun prakash

      #LifeWithoutTheHumour is A Bloody World #Comedy makes Humans Happy Life and Keep as Happy Life #Humour 😃😃😃😃

    30. Bajrang Bali

      Nalla video nanba

    31. kameshwari Devaraj

      Something different and the important topic i need....since I was just a clg student but I was lot more stressed than my parents...good content dude...hats off to ur homeworkkk

    32. saravanan s

      When ur notification poped I thought something SPL r spices is going to come but this was on the difference level it made us think to b happy n forget everything when the video ended I thought I was 10-15 min video by it was more that i didn't know how the time was going aswom Da loofers

    33. Ashwin Natarajan

      Waiting for SuperDeluxe movie revision..

    34. Priya Dharshini

      Semma video bross

    35. Sweet Shiva

      Do a video about super deluxe

    36. Gokul bk

      Bro!!.... Entha video pathutu naala thungita bro... 🥴🥴

    37. Goks Pk

      @18:14 the essence.....

      1. Sai Rockzz Sundeep

        Thanks bro!

    38. Sankar Sridhar

      Anandhi kaga.. video va pakuren.. unstyle la ilaya abistu.. but good...

    39. vishnu venkat

      Anna Vera level, good try.. Keep it up

    40. Savi Raingel

      When i got into depression. I used to forcefully watch funny videos. Rather then thinking things hurted us, we can divert our mind towards comedy n laugh. It is medician😛

    41. 40 Jayasurya D

      Chengalpattin sothe,unna oru vaati meet pannunum bro

    42. Idhaya6

      Video quality and editing y looks very old?

    43. Vishnu Raj

      Bro 22 mins pakka time illa soory bro.

    44. Akshaya

      nice viedio💙

    45. Vaishnavi #LateWithLilly

      Guys this video's really great! Glued to the screen the whole 22m. Loved this 💜

    46. deepa jothi

      Gud effort 👏👏

    47. Kiruthu Kiruthujan1234

      ஓத்தா என்னடா சொல்ல வாரிங்க

    48. iidineshh

      Konjam sound kamiya irunthuchi mathapadi semma video

    49. deepa jothi

      Gud effort 👏👏

    50. Apshara vimalan

      Kudos to ur Team.....yes without Humour life is nothing...And a wonderful Medication for all types of disease....

    51. fact fact

      *_Too long video_*

      1. Vinoth Jackson

        This is documentary it should like this

    52. fact fact


    53. kowsalya jothiraj

      Bro. Continues ah video pannuga brooo

    54. ash d crushED

      Bro nalla pochu bro👏👍

    55. One Atom

      Really really thank u for this really.......❤️

    56. Praveenkumar M

      That female RJ looks very cute. And this is not a joke 😚

      1. Sai Rockzz Sundeep

        RJ Anandhi


      Hi macha

    58. SUN edits

      oii abhistu, yaaru yaa nee yen ippadi panra, yen unnoda thinking ippadi (super) irukku,nee chennai la enga irukka why you want to do this? i want to know your details to predict that who are all genius? specifically sollanumna yen neenga mattum ivalavu genius aa irukkinga theriyanum😔

    59. Mkonemanarmy2408 99

      Nice video.. 👌


      Super ji really awesome makes me good and spreaded positive vibes

    61. Monika prakash

      Ore variety ah kottreengle thalaiva.. Unga kitta enna edirpaakrirdhu ne therille ponga... Way to go!😍😊👏👍

    62. Yaseen Mohamed

      Make more videos bro...My support always😍

    63. Kanmani Kanma

      Video pinadi neraya hardwork panirkinga.. Not like other usual Abhistu videos but Good try.. Happy watching.. But missed ur usual fast speech video..

    64. Dharmarajanhari v

      Amazing 👌 video more ...✌️✌️

    65. Anandaraj A

      Unga channel ku lam yen 1 Million subscribers vara maatingudhu


      you people gave a proper definition for humour sense .... in this situation where people troll each other in the way that shouldn't be done.......🤞

    67. 19-PSO-031 BALACHANDER

      plz make continuous video

    68. A - 12 - GRACE SANDHIYA L K

      Paravalaiyae comedykaga ivolo peru ulaikkirangala🤔? Semma tha👍🏻

    69. Abinesh Klindon

      Impressed man......

    70. Akshay Kumar S


    71. mohamed rafi

      Plz u come back guys😊

    72. Appatakkar Creations

      Missing u bro

    73. Vignesh War

      22 minutes and i was expecting Vignesh Kae on screen the whole time...!

      1. madhumitha Selvakumar


    74. Deepa Sankar

      When I received the notification, i thought it would b d movie revision of super deluxe❤..btw a diff video.!!☺☺

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      Missing your old kind of videos...

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      Didn't see the full video yet , but liked the video once received..

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      Vera level da nenga 😃😃😃

    82. Vishwan T

      Missing your normal videos please do videos as before request from your fans. Like here if you say the same.

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      Super deluxe உங்க பாணில விமர்சனம் பண்ணுங்க

    84. Padmanaban Abimanyu

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