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    Thank you so much for the unimaginable love cuties ❤️ Those who have no patience of watching this 4 hours video, A compilation video of this session will be definitely coming soon ! Let's do this often. One Life ! Love You !
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      No one get this much close with their subscribers... Only u r doing it... Love u bro.. i couldn't attend ur meeting pls, pls bro keep another meeting bro

    2. Vishva shiva

      Daii badu 4 hours vedio potta how can we see da....from abistu boys

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    4. Qwerty Neo

      Euphoria HBO TV show pathutu review podunga

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      Eppa bro call panlam

    6. Justy Tech - தமிழ்

      Abhistu army

    7. Justy Tech - தமிழ்

      Fyn bro...voice is super

    8. Prem preku

      Enna machan video call nu pottu iruka patha 4hr video pottu Iruka 🤷‍♂️

    9. Baviya Kathir

      You so cute and happy marriage life

    10. Cs Abitha M

      Bro ella videos um semma😌 enga amma vum nanum papom 😅 enna vida amma romba fan ayitanga 😂

    11. The Vibe Secrets

      Brother next time zoom meeting pota solunga anna

    12. Sathish Kumar

      is live going now

    13. Vignesh Ac

      Skip to the end of vedio and replay again to *Drop all ads*

      1. Selson Joe

        Thanks bro

    14. Rooban J

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    15. Ajay Adesh

      enaku endha call um varalaye😐😯😑😕


      Why no live in abhistu plays for 2 days anna

    17. Ahamed aashis

      Aioo missed this session 😔😒

    18. Dharshan

      heavy setup dha pola....full mic mechanical keyboard multipl monitor...jolly adha

    19. Kalyani Senthil

      Bro do zooming monthly plzzzzz

    20. Vaishnavi

      U hav so much luv towards ur subscribers

    21. Eternal path

      Complete the 4 hrs ....❤️👌

    22. DANNY B

      Dsg kubal🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂👉20:44

    23. Jayashree Rajkumar

      Yov nee vera ya. Nee veraaaa. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    24. fun star

      Iam 200k viewer

    25. Be aware & help

      3:18:30 ...super ah padringa

    26. vijay kumar

      Akash Gunder 😂😂😂 but great on side love ha all the best Friends ❤

    27. Kishore S

      1:22:10 me😂🙏❤️

    28. Luckyvignesh S

      Super abishtu

    29. N. Rashad 8d

      Innu oru meeting poduringala pls Anna I was in class


      How to join this call??🙄 I have missed that call

    31. Nithya Eswar

      Bro Unga video quantity neraya illanalum quality iruku bro❤

    32. Arivu karasan

      Ivalo nerama

    33. Saisakthi School of Music

      Pls subscribe Anna

    34. Saisakthi School of Music

      Hii Anna I stayed 4 hours with u

    35. Mohammed Riyas 9009

      Bro eppa bro ida arrange panninga Terinja nanum vanthuruppa bro

    36. nanda kumar

      @27:30 😂😂😂😂

    37. Samyuktha

      i missed the video call bro😰😰

    38. Stella Samuel

      Support my channel poem star stella

    39. time pass

      niga enna editor use pannuriga

    40. time pass

      niga enna editor use pannuriga

    41. time pass

      niga enna editor use pannuriga

    42. Munishwaran K

      Bro innum neraiyaa Zoom call pannunga........!

    43. Ritika Suresh

      Hi bro 🤩🤩🤩

    44. Top Five Tamil

      Bro aduthu eppa bro poduveenga i missed it feeling bad bro pls bro innoru tharava podunga bro

    45. Navin D

      😂 🤣 Sapming boys vera level 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. swati Vardan

      Achooo....😍😘 really superb cool cute.... ayoo nan miss panniten eh... sry bro

    47. Manisha B

      Abhistu nee vera level yaaa One life love more♥️

    48. Harini Narayanan

      Hats off for your patience bro💫💫🌟👏 you will reach hights bro💌💯👍

    49. Revathi Prabhakaran

      Bro relatives uga style oru video podunga plssssss

    50. vk49 makers

      Enna bro 4 hours video va bro 😳😳😳

    51. Siva Shankaran

      Indha video ku apram I learnt one thing. Viewers ah vida youtubers dhan adhigama irkanga 😂🚶

    52. Random Videos

      1:08:24 yaaru swamy ivan 🤣🤣🤣🤣..... (Top left)

      1. clarrieous B

        Anthea photo paavam

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    54. Maryam Ammar

      Anna pls .. do that again ..! I missed it !!😞

    55. Keerthiga M

      U r superrrrr abistu

    56. Karthika K

      Edaipadi palanisami ezhai makkalukku .... Semma...😄😄

    57. Yoganand

      Anna nega mass

    58. Aditya Ramesh

      YT should learn user friendly lessons from #Abishtu and #VigneshKae

    59. Janas Vaz

      Oru Vaartha Kooda Sollala😐😥

    60. Abzal Basha

      Vikki Ann

    61. Shravanthi Senthil

      Wow that’s such a nice thought to actually put in the effort and time to talk to all your subscribers and fans with so much patience . Love all your videos .Keep going👏

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    63. Aravinthvasan S

      Adei ennada naalu hrs ku live paniruka🤯🤯😲😲

    64. Smrithi Suresh

      Missed it😓

    65. Shruthi Jothsana

      What's your Fortnite ID? Big fan! :)

    66. Monk mind

      Ammuku dummuku dammaal dummal damuku duppa damuku duppa 😉🥰🤩

      1. Kirthika Kirthika


    67. 454Guna Priya

      Omg...I just wondered tat how u could be this much patience for many hrs..and handle as a single person💯..u r great man..keep doing,,all the best wishes♥️

    68. Sandy's motovlog

      Had a fun live with you bro. You are awesome 😍❤. I have added the montage in my channel kindly check it. One life ❤

    69. Cyber Toonz - சைபர் டூன்ஸ்

      Anna I came in 2nd meeting . Waited fully 😭 u didn't called me

    70. Meiyareavan SV

      S good to go


      Cheeky DNA fan hit the like 😊😀

    72. Sai ganesh

      Miss panniten vathiyarey

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    74. Fossil Memes

      Nxt time Eppo bro

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      1. NN

        Slay point PAprom channel paaru Binod Yaarunu theriyum

      2. Ravi Kumar

        Binod?? Ena bro??

    76. bhavani saravanan

      Anna gethu na nenga...4 hours subscribers kooda...porumaiya thaniya aala handle panenga...i was there in the zoom call session and really happy that u did this

      1. bhavani saravanan

        Bro na dan antha cute mathi😳

    77. Ramlu Ali


    78. Divya Anandhan

      We love u ❤️😘

    79. Harish Shan

      Thalaiva podcast pannunga

    80. 242 Visnu Sudhir


      1. 242 Visnu Sudhir

        Binod op

      2. Ravi Kumar


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      Bro trending no 7 bro 👍💪

    82. Selva Lakshmi

      Abhistu op

    83. Mathan mathan

      Bro next live ku id kodugaa

    84. Shiney Rebecca

      Anna love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Shiney Rebecca

        Love u sooooo much I am a bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fan

    85. Sree Bhargavi

      Brooooo i went at 10.45... aana total ah 4 hrs panirkeengala... mass bro neenga

    86. Little Bunny

      Hi bro watching this again after live 😍😍😍❤❤

      1. Little Bunny

        @Dhivya Balu ommale enakke va😂😂😂

      2. Dhivya Balu

        noolu noolu noolu...

    87. Abilash Anand

      🤣🤣gotha yen voice kami panuga da 😹

    88. Status Sirpi


    89. Neelakandan K

      Expected timing 1 hour reality 4 hours 😂 Forget the shoutout

    90. 19007871 Aatheesh

      For youtube channel promotion _contact abihustu

    91. Vasanth S

      Bro i missed bro.. pls do another session..

    92. Pavithra

      Annaaa.....nega Sona mariye... scholarship kedachiruchu naaaaa...love you na.... Singapore poi....ellarayum namma abistu channel Ku subscribe Panna vachiduren Singapore ponavudan..ONE LIFE

      1. Pavithra

        @Harini M no....for 11th and 12th grade

      2. Harini M

        Could you please say about it ? I'm a student too . Wanna know :) is it from National uni of Singapore

      3. logesh waran


      4. Aashiq Ahmed

        Ena scholarship bro, engalukum solunga detail aa

    93. Loli Quinn

      Missed it💔💔💔😭😭😭

    94. ShivarajYT

      Super 💗

    95. dhanu shaan

      G miss pannitee

    96. Suresh Kumar

      Bro kashtapattu full 4hours paathuten.. Bro... Vera level bro❤❤❤👑👑👑👑 love u bro....... One life bye❤

    97. Mohamed Alfiaz

      Am i the only one who completed the whole 4 hr video ❤️ !!??

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    99. Akshaya Mohan

      Enaku notification eh varla 😑💔

    100. Shruti

      Omggg you’re the bestesttttt PApromr, no one has ever taken so much efforts to communicate with their subscribers,, I legit thought it was a joke reading the vid title and then u actually did thisss, you’re really amazing, humorous max😂💯

      1. Little Bunny

        yea true

      2. Monisha Nandagopal

        I agree!!