Who Made Beggars | Happily Sad | Abhistu


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    Heart touching Video. Finding Happiness in the Streets of Chennai.
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    1. Radhika venkat

      That beautiful smile in her face😍😍 😍😍

    2. Jane Ashima

      Who made beggers ? I have never seen such kids of interviews.

    3. Famitha nice Suhana

      yena patti pattu nu sirruppu porthu that made me really cry

    4. Ram Vinayak

      we should do something to them like education and basic things that will make their life better and there will be no beggars anymore

    5. Mini MINI

      2:26 pain behind laugh

    6. Mighty jr

      Intha video pudikatha aalungalaum irukkanga nu dislike patha than therithu🤧🤧😭

    7. priya natural

      Her laugh made me cry😢

    8. Suresh Suresh

      Keep doing such content . Even though we have a roof to live , we don't have the unconditional laughter like them...

    9. Mey Aravinth


    10. Lok Chand

      Very ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. CV MUSIQ

      Vera lvl video

    12. U 1

      Bro thirupi இது mari pannuga bro. I do some help for you

    13. Kabilash Krish

      😢Varumain siripum romba theliva Azhahaa Kamichii irukinga Annaaw 🤝💯 Super Annaaah

    14. vino dexter

      Dislike Panna Ottha mavanungaluku porati pottu okanu

    15. Pavithra Karuppaian

      The team that make me laugh seeing ur videos is the same team that me cry more🥺 and still crying seeing this video😭😔

    16. Vaai over

      They all not beggars they were made as beggars by thier children

    17. Vaai over

      LG tv vaangunavaru picha edukuraru. English medium la padika vecha amma picha edukuraanga. Payanuku intha ponu set aava nenache mamiyaar picha edukuraanga. 😭

    18. Vinoth sekar


    19. Sri Varshini

      Ithu pathum nama inum athu ila ithu ila nu complaint panitu irukom. Antha siripu ku ethuvumeh eedu inaiyae ila

    20. Divya Anandhan

      Thala...nimathiya thokam varum thala unaku❤️nalathu ah Iruka thala nee❤️ one life

    21. Vaithish Kumar

      I love you Abhistu love you so much

    22. Srimathi

      Made me to cry anna....main ah antha patti oda siripu😰 never let your parents to this situation at any time....the sad thing everything Edit: 5:40 - that old man is really rich by heart, inspiring... They are not beggers anymore anna. Their children who let them like this - Beggars

    23. shreya cathrine

      vera level bro semma

    24. Sree Srinivasa traders Gothandan arumugam

      The besttt laugh that I have ever seen!!!

    25. 19BPH155 _Yovel

      Ivangala lockdown la ena panraanga🥺

    26. AKASH V M

      Be the one who makes others feel, included! One life, love you.....❤

    27. Sindhu gowthaman

      முடிஞ்சா அவங்களுக்கு ஏதாச்சும் ஹெல்ப் பண்ணுங்க bro.. என்னால முடிஞ்சா நானும் செய்வேன். கொடுக்கணும்னு நினைக்கிறவன் கிட்ட தான் கடவுள் காசு கொடுக்கிறதே இல்லையே.. 🥺☹️

    28. Aishwarya Suresh 010

      Oh my!!! 50 bucks is all enough fa them to satisfy their day. It’s heart breaking

    29. ꧁༒•Yuvan iyan•༒꧂

      This Video Made Me Cry!!

    30. Raguxxxlove Pathy

      iam in tears 😓😭😭no words say .hats off you guys.

    31. Shrinikesh Santhosh

      Bro Unga helping videos laam pathen.....hats off 👏

    32. Vel Murugan

      Hat off guy's

    33. Padmaja A.P

      Parents are like god. please take care of them.😢😢😢

    34. Md. Wasim

      Bro neenga Vera level bro Pls keep ur parents with u 🙏

    35. Barath Barani

      Unlimited million likes and hearts to you all

    36. Vetri V

      No one is making beggars. Being a beggar is their own choice because beggging you can make lots of money and some lazy peoples beg so they can just eat & sleep I know many beggars who are rich dont encourage begging let it be any age groups Watch link mostly all beggars are millionaires paprom.info/block/v/jWjKqdKftHip22E.html

    37. satheesh satheesh

      Yaaru bro ivanuga ithium unlike panirkaanuga...

    38. Valli Vijaya

      Bro neenga romba great Unga team super

    39. A.S.santhosh sandy

      Bro.. this is ur best video.. pls do some more like this inbetween now u have a more audience for ur channel

    40. Chennai city fan daa

      16 yrs old me from today...i can just like the vedio and cry..

    41. Monisha 2522

      Last ammamma's smile literally made me cry😭deep pain hidden behind that smile💞

    42. mani kandan

      Innocent smile ku evlo money kodutaalum worth aagaadu

    43. Stunner Sunil

      Indha vedio va ipadhan pathan ennga amma va na nalla pathu pan 😭

    44. akash noah

      Just watched the video and couldnt control my tears in the end..this is my 2nd comment and just realised the Best "NOT TO DO" thing.. Love for our parents❤️

    45. akash noah

      4:15 ❤️

    46. Srinidhi Balaji

      Really a heart touching video....❤❤

    47. Aboobacker Siddique

      Petha Thai ya eppadi than veeta vittu poga solla manasu varutho?? avanga manasu enna kalla ? Nalaiku in pulla unna pathuka mudiyala veliye ponu sonna unaku eppadi irukum.

    48. KA Hariharan

      This Will change one day 😞

    49. Pavithra Devi

      Nenitthe pakkave heart aaaluvudhu....... If i got those whose sent I will kick in their face

      1. Pavithra Devi

        See that man in 4min i felt so........

    50. mahima mani

      50 rs enough for a day!!!!

    51. Tn Entertainerz Tamil Nadu Entertainerz

      Bro we expect more video like this also..

    52. Lucky’s Clix


    53. Muniappan Dear

      Da abistu nee fun panda la

    54. Girirach

      Panam pei..👌🖕

    55. baskar pandiyan

      Bro vera lvl bro.. Antha paati siripu adhan bro kadavul siripu adhe mari anaadha pasangaluku oru videos podunga bro😍😍😍😍

    56. Ckishore Ramana

      Heart touching bro..💔💔😥😥

    57. md abdul kalam

      0:55 evar eranthutaru

    58. Kumudhae Kumudhaa

      Bro avanga pasanga yarunu mudincha kandupudibga Bro plz

    59. Rosy Pinky

      Luv u vignesh....❤such kind hearted person....😘😍

    60. Jenifer Dyna

      Andha paati azhaga sirikiraga....I like it...

    61. joseph Allen

      absolutely heart touching bro....loved it....cried on it...felt it.....thanks and hats off to u bro and ur Abhistu team

    62. Vinothkumar Rithika


    63. AAZAAD

      brother please if you can add english subtitles, it will be helpful to understand Thank you

    64. Ragulkarthi Vlogs

      Literally cried 💔💔 be responsible for ur parents 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️

    65. saravana kumar palanisamy

      You guys will go to a higher position in life and achieve great things.. May god bless you guys☺️☺️

    66. Jegan

      இந்த ஊர் திருக்கழுக்குன்றம் தானே.

    67. Nithyashree Rajendran

      Really it made me cry, I was following cheeky DNA channel. Now recently I'm seeing the videos of yours.... I immediately subscribed the channel after seeing this. Feeling for not found abhistu before... One small request hereafter if time permits please make a video taking with to those people, They are not just beggers, God is sitting out of the temple, they are the real God but their children failed to value them 😔

    68. Sreeshma Suresh

      Touch wood abishtu is always the best💓. Keep doing such works bro. We will always support u

    69. Info gurl

      Made me to cry abhitstu😐😞frst tym A content ah to my heart lyk panran😊👍gud effort to xpose ......luv u fr thz video bros🤗💯

    70. ANTAN SAM

      Best video ever from abhistu

    71. Jeeva 140

      Evlo kasu varuthu patti nu keatathum antha patti simile pochu Apo heart ea ninu poiduchu ,.. Try to help like this people

    72. Nellai Sahasra

      Neenga panina video laiye Ethan bro best .... Antha pattiya pakka azhugaiey vanthuruchu . Namala Sumanthu vallathavangala epadi roadla Vita... nalaiku ethey nelama than namakum

    73. Rajkamal R

      Endha areaa neenga andha temple Thirukazhukundram

    74. Monish. B, 12- A

      Heart broken msg bro, plz continue like this good valued msgs

    75. vinithaa puppy

      Hi vickey, such a grt vedio...thank you! Thanks a looot for making them comfortable...

    76. Remains Unsolved

      Bro neega Vera level bro but 😢😭

    77. shanthini s

      Theirs laughs made me cry ... Stil they r kids.....hats off team

    78. Ajeeth Rio

      Luvly ❤

    79. Praveen Kumar

      We only made beggar....

    80. Rani Yesudhas

      Vera level bro can't stop crying

    81. Thamizharasi Natarajan

      Such a nice video man. Keep doing on like this. Really happy for you. You made a lot of people to realize the real situation of beggers. The way you communicate with them is awesome. Hats off to your team. That smile is priceless.........

    82. Murali s

      I m literally crying. I have no words after watching this I've wasted money but now on I will never ever do it and help the needy people

    83. Hasini Hachu

      Bro oru Patti sirichute irundhangala avangala unga lifela maraka mudiyatha oruthangala irupangala

    84. kevin electricals pvt ltd

      Keep rocking Anna

    85. kevin electricals pvt ltd

      Her smile is very cute Anna

    86. kevin electricals pvt ltd

      Super anna keep rocking

    87. VJ Simple Samayal

      No word to say.....God bless u paa

    88. DEV GAMER

      Anna Vera level

    89. Harish L

      Made me cry

    90. Jaga Desh

      Appa Amma va thorathura punda mavanunga ethuku DA uyiroda irukanunga😡😡😡

    91. Swetaa Raj

      Great work..Rombha kastama irunthuchu video pathutu nice effort abishtu team...

    92. Naresh Krishnan

      மனசுக்குல்ல அவளவு கஷ்டம்இருந்தாலும் வெலிக்காட்டாம அந்த அழகான சிரிப்பை மட்டும் காட்டுராங் பாட்டி I love you பாட்டி

    93. Nidha Aswer

      wow dis video is my dream since my childhood.. I badly wanted to talk to beggars on street and ask them why they are here but my family never let me to do it and u guys have done it.. sooo happy to seee someone doing my dream ❤ love u guys from SL

    94. Keerthana Ramakrishnan

      Who is here after thanthi TV interview?

    95. Nandini Rubis Bags

      Superb bro that Patti smile made me to cry

    96. Lalitha H

      Ivanga pasanga ivangala venamnu sollitanga. Enga ammavum Enna APPA kitta vittutu poitanga. Ivangala paakumpodhu enga ammavum Enna pathi ipdi thaan nenappangalo nu thonudhu😢😢😢

    97. Vidhya A

      So sweet Patti.

    98. Joshua Danisha

      This place from thirukkalukundram

    99. Simply Clear

      God says the biggest anger he gets on his creation is the one who abandons his parents...

    100. isai kadal