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    1. keerthi kridtz

      Awsum one on this day.. as expected! Thanks for bringing the reality to light!❤️ Kudos for choosing the song!

      1. Empire Vyra

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    2. karthiga shree

      Semmma broo...

    3. laksh vara

      Awesome Content .... today only I saw ur video and 1st video vj paru with u interview & 1st comment too keep rocking rhyming slang timing of the speech. Neegha Vera level Bro (today fully ur video dhan Bro better entertainment)

    4. Akila _Sekar

      Passionate ah iruntha ponna ration kadaila nikka vaipan💯

    5. abdur nawaz

      Indha video va pathutu nan enga amma ku thankyou solitu vandhen

    6. Covai Girl & Covai Boy

      Your doing great bro This video is awesome 🔥 And I am also a Kutty PApromr ,but it's not like yours 😂

    7. Divya Anandhan

      I really like u bro❤️😍

    8. Saranya Murugesan


    9. MD Harsh

      Heart touched bro...

    10. Teju G

      Really I became emotional

    11. Thamil arasi

      Amazing ❤️

    12. Dr.Vidhya Bala

      Starting dialogue vera lvl anna... 😍... Edit: video full ah ve vera lvl🎊🎊🎉💐💐💐💐luv u too anna❤️

    13. Shrihari Ashwath

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤thousands of cares

    14. Sumathi S

      Luv u abhistu

    15. krishna jeya kumar


    16. Deva Bala

      Ne eppi ellam pesamataiyae !

    17. Geeta B

      Best video 👌

    18. Dharunika

      Love you too Anna🤗

    19. kanuviya creations

      Nandri nanba for video

    20. niranjala nivash

      For the first time in clicking bell button and likes and comment on it! I really love u bro for all the unspoken !

    21. Kadambari Murugan


    22. Nithya Rakesh

      Really very touching... I love you da thambi.


      1.21 correct

    24. Minion Panda

      No doubt why Cheeky liked you ❤ Abhistu Team, especially Vignesh Stand by our Women ❤

    25. Mani Megala

      Tell about cheeky......

    26. Easu Eas

      Means a lot bruh : one life

    27. Sowmiya Harikrishnan

      Love you anna soon true words

    28. It's sindhu Corner

      Best video, all ur words are 💯 true

    29. Rama Devi

      This shows how much u Respect the Women's. U have observed the Society keenly I believe. Ur flow fantastic. Really, Subha is Lucky😍 God bless u couples🙏 Nice video 👍👍👏👏 - SREE RAMA, WRITER

    30. Hari V

      Brother Amazing video man.....keep teaching good. Loved it.Thank you man.

    31. Sowdeeswari S.K

      Suuuperrrrruu annaa☺️Unga voice vera level😍Love your voice annnaaa😘So cuteee pie😍😍


      Great bro. Really your girl frd is blessed to have you in her life.

    33. Tamil Kutty Nobel

      Frnd sema.....Super da.....

    34. Pavithra Ragini

      This is your best and beautiful vedio bro love you😘

    35. Georgia Aarthy

      Cheeky is really blessed ❤

    36. Captain kollywood Film Studio

      Nice brother 💙

    37. Archana Viswanathan

      Usually ur videos make me laugh but this one made me have a tear in my eye. The woman u explained in the video is definitely my mom. Living all her life for me and my dad. Even if I am half as her at her age I’d consider myself successful. Hats off to all iron ladies of our society and thanks to u vignesh

    38. sindhu mayakrishnan96

      Seriously I was inspired...1st intha payyana patha kadupakum but video paka paka he is somewhere else inspired me alot and brother hood feel akuthu paesura vithathula paesuna evanum kepan run for ur target and all the best for ur noble cause Anna ...

    39. varalakshmi k

      Super bro

    40. Vijayalakshmi Sundaravaradhan


    41. sudhakar yuvan

      Nala pesuraya nee ne ipadi la pesi naan pathathe ila pindra 🤣🙏

    42. Surya Rajendran

      WHAt ever u said is 100%no even 2000%its dam true!i never commented any vedio from 2016 tis is my first comment jst u say you !!!Osum!!! BE wit tis attitude! U r great!

    43. chindhamani sekar


    44. Aishwarya Kavi

      Epomae ipdi irunga unga cheeky dna kuda

    45. Kalai Vani


    46. VJ Simple Samayal

      Factu......factu ......Thank u bro

    47. Sangee S

      Your wife is so Lucky

    48. Preethi Preethika

      Thank u

    49. Syndhia Sharon

      Awesome bro.....just subscribed ur channel! Omg binge watched all the videos!! Relaxing bro

    50. nagaraj Chithra

      Nan unga kitta onnu sollanum yepdi solrathunu theriyala pa

    51. nagaraj Chithra

      Love you abistu

    52. karthika Ramkumar

      Thanks for this dear. God bless yu :)

    53. Kalaiselvi Baburaaj

      Thank u

    54. Monika k

      Super bro

    55. Dhulasi Vinothini

      😫😫😫😭😭how truee plz let all men understand dis

    56. Pooja R

      Just wow❤️

    57. Rajalakshmi Arunodhayam

      Wow is this awesome 🙈😍💖💕

    58. Krithika N Makeup

      Super 👍

    59. shree prasath

      Gethu na ne mass😍😍😍 love you one life

    60. Priya R


    61. crazy girl

      love u bro..thanks 4 ur wishes..proud us a women

    62. Everything Under the Sky

      Really inspiring. 👏👍

    63. Murali Surya

      Super di chella kuti love u lot Suba really lucky girl

    64. Zi Si

      Hi vignesh.. im from sri lanka.. This is the first time im watching ur video.. but alreay chikky's fan. And first of all congrats.. just sollanumnu thonichi. Neenga inam konjam try panna Mr.raguwaruwan da vce warum..

    65. Yamini Kumar

      This is my first ever comment in you tube really ur awesome n your cheeky is very very lucky to have you in her life u both made my day n pls don’t change all d best for everything that u do n keep rocking thanks a million for the respect towards woman

    66. Janani

      Super ❤❤

    67. Durga parvathi Durga parvathi

      I proud to say that you also best person in the world to support all people

    68. Elakkiya Dhaya

      Hatssss offf abishtu😂🤩😍

    69. Saravana Kumar

      Thala vera lvl first time unga video headset illama kekkuran!🤪 One life❤️

    70. Rashy Prashanthy

      Thank uuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    71. Kothai Vishali. M

      Lots of love to you Anna ❤️

    72. Abirami R

      Best bro.. True perhaps

    73. siva mahendran

      Thalaivah Engagement agiduchula inimel apdindh..,🤣🤣🤣


      Men's day video podala maapula Setha ......

    75. Bhuvaneshwari.R Raja


    76. aravind minnow

      Nice 👌👌

    77. Princess Suleha

      Punniyavaan....😂😂😂😂 Ambutayum solitan bha... Nalla iruya... Great job...

    78. aarthi badri

      Ipdila kuda pesviya appo 😱

    79. shiva raj

      indhaa maduri iru video men's day ku neega pooduga bro womens day mattum yellrum video pooduriga status pooduriga mens day ku 1ru mairu ku pooda maturagaa😢😢😢😢😢

    80. abdul kadhar

      semma bro.....vera level la sollitinga bro

    81. Aadharsh Bala Official

      Dislikes ellam women haters

    82. Prakash

      Women are privileged by our society from reservation to welfare schemes, men are treated as second class citizens in our society ,but men never complained about that!!! Ivaru ponnu kitha irundhu chocolate thirudii sapthara adhuku andha ponnu onnum sollaliyam adhula periya sacrifice nu periya pulathii mathri pesa vandhuthan tevidiya paiyan. If you want to praise women for views, go ahead but don't put down men for that.

    83. Devkumar V

      Super video

    84. Minal Joshika


    85. Vaishnavi Gopichander

      Thanks bro❤

    86. Mirudhula Balakrishnan

      Pengalai kurai mattum solra indha kaalathula evlo kashtapadromnu solirkinga.. Nandri thala..!!

    87. Neerfas Anarfa

      Semma Naa Semmaya sollirukinga👍

    88. Ramachandran M

      Will see what you describe about men on men’s day??

    89. Banu Ibrahim

      I'm a medical student doing final year and I'm now studying obstetrics which describes everything about pregnancy and delivery.. And I almost cried in some portions when I studied it.. And I was just thinking, this should be studied by all (just thinking) So that they know the difficulties women are facing in a normal process.. Atleast then, women would get the respect they deserve.. Btw video was good and explains the practical world..

    90. Ashika Ashi

      Hey Abhistu.. ❤😍

    91. Durga



      Nenga upload panna video la Intha video Sema😍

    93. Pradeeba A.T.

      Best one on this women’s day ❤️

    94. greeny dev

      You are really great bro and thanks bro 😊

    95. Nandhini Devi

      Headset illama itha videova tha paakalam😂

    96. Kavipriya vasudevan

      True words😍😍

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      Seamma bro 💐💐💐💐

    98. Theeran Creatives

      Awesome bro

    99. Surya kiruba

      Super da thambi enaku nadakurathelem apadiye solitiyepa. neeyavathu ithayelam purinchivechuirukiye romba thanks da thanks ithukagave nan unanku subscribe pannirukenda thambi

    100. Brindha Mani

      Hats off to u bro.Thanks to understand our feelings.